What is a Job Club?

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Saturdays • 10:00 am-12:00 pm
A Job Club is a support group that offers you the keys to an effective job search in times of crisis.

It helps you to highlight your abilities, and skills so that you can get the best of yourself and highlight it when conducting an effective job search and provides you with free information and advice.
Gladys Medina Ext. 346
Job Club Assistant
Vivian Capó Ext. 346
Job Club Coordinator

Why Should You Participate in a Job Club?

It is one of the alternatives available to face theproblem of unemployment.

The direction of our Job Club is supervised and directed by personnel with experience in thejob market and with the necessary knowledge to connect its members

We offer you the opportunity to connect with new employment resources and/or expand existing resources.

Our goal is to expand the odds of employing more people in our community with group or individual support.

We help you make the leap to the job market.

You will meet people going through your same situation and you can share personal experiences and employment contacts with them.

We offer you access to the Internet in an open space for individualized consultation.

Who Can Participate in a Job Club?

Participants over 18 years of age (with or without appointment).

Individuals looking for work counseling.

People looking to expand their resources and work con­nections in job market.

Those people with experi­ence in the labor market who wish to work with us as vol­unteers and make the differ­ence within our community.

What are the Benefits of Our Program?

Help you design and/ or update your resume.

Assist him with the preparation of your letter of recommendation and professional references.

Learn effective job search techniques.

Access to the labor market through technology.

Fill out job applications online.

Develop strategies for job interviews.

Acquire follow-up techniques to job managements.

Labor counseling.