Progreso Latino

Progreso Excellence Academy uses RIELS, the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards. These guide teachers as they develop high quality learning experiences for children through play. Along with RIELS, teachers use other resources such as Teaching Strategies GOLD and (OWL) Opening the World of Learning. The OWL is a comprehensive curriculum that covers all domains of early learning. The content of each unit is built around a carefully crafted daily routine within an activity-centered day. Themes, skills, and concepts are developed through quality children's fiction and nonfiction trade books. The consistent format and features in every unit, makes it easy for teachers to do the planning and children to learn from it.

Teachers mindfully use activities suggested on the curriculum and align them with the RIELS according to children needs. Teachers assess students using both informal and formal assessment. Authentic assessment drives day by day with instruction and planning to next steps for both individualization and whole class curriculum design. Formal assessment with the use of PPVT, PALS-PRE K, TOPEL, and BELA is performed twice a year in the fall and spring. The formal and informal assessment increased the number of locally-based skilled early literacy practitioners. The Teachers have been able to effectively use formal and informal assessments to individualize instruction for children with tangible results as demonstrated by the tremendous progress students make on the formal assessments. Teachers take into consideration the children needs and interest and also engaging the parents as an essential part of their children’s education.

During the year each classroom was evaluated using the assessment tools ECERS, ELLCO and CLASS; the score to each classroom in the different assessment tools was between 5 and 6, demonstrating teachers commitment and dedication.